B&O Eclipse 65″ Display Model


Display model includes manual stand or wall mount & silver grill cover

New From $15800

We designed the definitive TV

Our goal with Beovision Eclipse was crystal clear: merge images so lifelike they almost seem unreal with sounds so powerful they literally break out of the picture. No easy task, but the result is quite simple: we designed the definitive TV.

  • Beovision Eclipse - Light Oak
  • Beovision Eclipse Light Oak
Beovision Eclipse
All-in-one music system

Beovision Eclipse has a three-channel sound system, providing the ability to deliver speech-optimised centre channel audio as well as powerful stereo performance.

Clear-cut visions

A sharp, black glass screen cutting straight through an organic aluminium body. It’s a bold and clear design statement of picture and sound in perfect alignment.

Television with trees on the screen hanging from a beige wall in a living room

A fusion of sound and images

BeoVision Eclipse is the first result of a new strategic technology partnership between LG Electronics an...

Beovision Eclipse and a pair of Beolab 20 in a home theatre system setup
See what the world’s best TV sound will do for your movies

Powerful enough to compete with many stand-alone music systems, a Beovision TV is the centre of any luxury home cinema experience. Learn how to get the most out of its truly impressive capabilities.

Beovision Eclipse

Style it to your space

Create your personalised Beovision Eclipse with our curated selection of covers. The covers are interchangeable, making it easy to give your TV a different look.

Pitch black

The OLED screen technology brings you a whole new TV experience thanks to more than 8 million self-lit pixels. Enjoy the deepest blacks, richest colours and realistic picture quality. The most important aspect of your viewing experience.

Pitch perfect

The integrated speaker system holds a powerful 450 watts 3-channel setup with the ability to outperform even the most potent soundbar on the market. Expect an exceptional sound performance that brings your viewing experience to a new and exciting level.

Made for music streaming

For your listening pleasure, Beovision Eclipse supports music streaming via Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and Chromecast built-in. It integrates seamlessly with other Multiroom products letting you customise and expand your entire home music experience.

Statement design

Any way you look at it; from the front, the side or from the rear, Beovision Eclipse looks stunning. Every little detail is carefully attended to and our use of high-quality Materials provides the aesthetic freedom to place the TV anywhere you want.

Make it personal

Your TV experience has never been as easy or as personal as this. Escape the constraints of flow TV and dive straight into your favourite content with a single click. The world’s premier Smart TV platform, webOS, just keeps getting smarter.

  • Eclipse Light Oak
  • Eclipse Light Oak
  • Beovision Eclipse television image of floor stand in natural aluminium
  • Beovision Eclipse television standing in a living room
  • Beovision Eclipse television new floor stand
  • Beovision Eclipse television and Beolab 50 in a living room


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