Beovision Avant 75NG Display Model


Unfolding sound

BeoVison Avant is a celebration of movement.

An unforgettable fusion of Ultra High-Definition (4K) picture and iconic Bang & Olufsen sound, that unfolds before your very eyes.

Redefining TV sound

Precision tuned to Bang & Olufsen’s most exacting standard, BeoVision Avant redefines the audio impact a TV can deliver. The 3-channel speaker system harnesses three dedicated tweeters, three midrange units and

two powerful bass drivers. The result is a fusion of clarity and power that truly embodies Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to ultimate sound.

Contrasted imagery

BeoVision Avant combines local dimming across more than 8 million pixels, bringing out the tiniest details in the action. Experience the most extreme sports or action footage with crystal sharp, dynamic precision.

BeoVision Avant 75" LCD Television Product Specifications

Torsten Valeur, David Lewis Designers

Weight (in kg)
TV: 54.5
Fixed wall bracket: 15.2
Motorised wall bracket: 16.3
Floor stand: 50.3
Table stand: 20

Placement options
Wall bracket motorized: With movement from wall.
60 degrees for 55” and 19 degrees for 75” and 85”
Wall bracket fixed against the wall
Table stand for 55” only: Lifts TV to upright position
Floor stand: Motorized movement of screen up to 90 degrees from wall in both directions

Ultra High-Definition (4K)
Edge-type LED panel with 1.5 local backlight dimming for the 55” version

Fully active, three-way stereo speaker system
3 x 1/4” tweeter
3 x 2” midrange
1 x 4” woofer
1 x 6.5” woofer
8 x 60 watts class D amplifiers – one for each driver
Integrated digital 7.1 surround sound module
TrueImage up and downmixing technology
Immaculate Wireless Sound integrated for a full wireless surround solution

Dual tuner for connection of external USB hard disk*
Bang & Olufsen Smart TV*
Antireflection coated contrast screen
Automatic Picture Control with Chromatic Room
Adaptation adjusting the picture performance to the light conditions in the room


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